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Emma's Question

New site, new activities, new book!

We're working on a new website, which will be revealed shortly.

In the meantime, don't miss my newest book, a picture book biography of Virginia Hall, American spy during World War II. Virginia Was a Spy is illustrated by the ever-so-talented fine artist Gary Kelley, published by Creative Editions.

I'm excited to share her story with you.

Please pre-order the book from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

Available from your favorite bookseller on August 18, 2020.

Dots vs. Stripes

Polka-dot Fixes Kindergarten
Available from IndieBound,
Barnes & Noble,
Amazon.com and other
fine bookstores
… A Kindergarten Catastrophe!

With a fix-it kit just like Grandpa’s, Polka-dot is ready for her first day of kindergarten. 

Or is she? 

Duct tape, runny soap and dotted bandages worked wonders for her scrapes and snafus at home.  But they’re not quite a match for her kindergarten catastrophes. And when it comes to dealing with the mean words of stripe-loving Liz, Polka-dot finds herself in a fix that requires something more….

Illustrations by Mai S. KembleCan Polka-dot’s handy kit help her fix a bad day and mend her relationship with Liz? Learn more.

Polka-dot News

School Library Journal and Booklist both included Polka-dot Fixes Kindergarten on their lists of books to use for welcoming students back to school.

…combines first-day dilemmas with themes of friendship, burgeoning independence, and learning to relate to others. (School Library Journal)

…a host of first-day concerns that surprisingly lead to empathy, problem solving, and friendship. (Booklist)

Read the full reviews here.

Artwork from Polka-dot Fixes Kindergarten

A Stritchy-Scratchy Question

Emma's Question
Buy this book at IndieBound. Also available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.

Emma's Question received a Oppenheim Portfolio Best Book Award.
Illustrations by Janine Dawson

Some questions are hard to ask.

Everything feels different after Emma finds out her beloved and quirky grandma is sick and in the hospital. She wonders... Who will take her out for bagels and make up stories about the people at the next table? Who will take care of her after school? As usual, Emma has lots of questions. But as she tries to go about her day, the scariest question of all scritch-scratches at the back of her throat, threatening to pop out at the worst possible moment. Learn more.

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